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Time to get started

Google Plus, similar to most social networking site: you begin with your own personal¬† profile.¬† G+ profiles are “real name” profiles, it is your legal name. This “real name” policy also goes for your business. G+ profiles are equipped with a page verification badge, this ensures the accuracy of each G+ profile.

Security Measures

G+ is unique in that you can share information with select groups of people. It is different from Facebook where you have to have to create an event or a group. Instead you have circles and you are able to share information with certain circles. You are also able to make things public if you want, most will make there profile public.

Importance of a Profile

The profile is the first thing anybody sees when searching through a good social networking site. It is that split second glance at a person’s profile that determines whether or not that person has credibility or not. If your profile picture is you just out of bed and taken via a web cam, your credibility may be hurt and your chances of being invited into a circle may be hurt. It starts with the picture and moves to the information section, what messages do you want to send to those around you.


Try and make your profile different from everyone else, talk about things that are unique to you, unique things you have to offer. These will help set you aside from everyone else. In order to have a greater impact you have to standout. Personalization is something that can be done very easily in G+ and it begins with your Profile. If you choose to be generic with your G+ profile your likeliness of increasing your online traffic will go down.